Our Team

Our team at Sodion Energy comprises of experts in electrical engineering and manufacturing. Our team leverages our expertise in these fields to produce the most power-efficient sodium-ion batteries.

Our Founders

Professor CC Hang

Co-Founder and Chairman
Professor Hang is a pioneer in Disruptive Innovation for electric bikes, and has extensive experience in corporate leadership in Singapore and India.

P Bala

Co-Founder and CTO / Acting CEO
Bala is a semiconductor expert with vast experience in Electric Vehicle design, Power Train, Power Storage and Battery Technology.

Our Team Members

Ho Kim Long

Vice President—China
Veteran in EV component manufacturing

Kris Fukuda

Vice President—Japan & USA
Veteran in leading large Corps such as Boston Scientific in Tokyo

Yuen YJ

Vice President—ASEAN
Serial Entrepreneur; oversees Indonesia
Sales & Marketing

Yoshihiko Kinoshita

Chief Manufacturing Officer (CMO)
Advanced battery specialist with deep knowledge in manufacturing; responsible for global battery manufacturing

Hang Xue Yi

Director—Business Development
Coordinates BD & Operations in China, Japan and ASEAN
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