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Our Mission

To develop the next generation of green, safe, and high-performance batteries. We design, develop, and manufacture Sodium Ion Battery Packs for a wide range of applications from mobility to stationary storage.

Why Sodium Ion Batteries?

Safety and Fire Prevention

Our sodium ion cells do not undergo thermal runway during accidents or over-charging, preventing fires and explosions

Fast Charging Convenience

Our sodium ion batteries' design ensures quick charging by reducing electrolyte internal resistance and heat generation

Low Cost, Great Price Performance

Our sodium ion batteries are developed with abundantly available materials while offering superior energy density

Simple. Reliable. Powerful.

Other reasons to use Sodium Ion Batteries

Simple Battery Design

Long Cycle Life for Repeated Use

Energy Dense, High Capacity

Reliable & Safe Discharge

Easy to Manufacture

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Ideal Applications

Batteries need to be safe, be low cost, have good power density, and be reliable. Our sodium ion batteries have all that.

Electric Two- and Three-Wheelers

Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries

Meet Our Team

Our team at Sodion Energy comprises of experts in electrical engineering and manufacturing. Our team leverages our expertise in these fields to produce the most power-efficient sodium-ion batteries.
Our Team

Collaborate With Us

Sodion Energy is open to working with industry leaders and pioneers to develop and enter new markets. Sodium ion battery cell makers are welcome to discuss partnership opportunities with us.
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